Contour facelifts are also known as facial sculpting. This is a unique cosmetic surgery that enhances the appearance of your face. Today, it is widely popular in the USA and across the globe. The mission of a contour facelift is to improve the facial proportions and features. The face is made smaller, and it looks balanced, and the outline of the face improves.

Why should you opt for a contour facelift in Chicago procedure?

Experts say that one should go in for a contour facelift in Chicago procedure to enhance their facial outline. This procedure is common in females who wish to make the contour of their face more feminine and softer in appearance. Males too opt for this procedure to get a more masculine and chiseled look. The procedure is beneficial for those men and women who suffer from the woes of sagging skin. Aging causes people to lose the original contour of their face. People that suffer from the square jaw, an asymmetrical mouth, a receding chin, protruding cheeks, mouth or chin can choose this procedure and enhance appearance.  

How is the facial contour procedure performed? 

This procedure is performed by a qualified expert who places the patient under general anesthesia. Before the procedure is performed, the patient needs to undergo CT imaging scans to get images of the soft tissues and bones of the face. These scans will guide the surgeon when it comes to performing the surgery. Experts state this procedure takes time as it needs a number of sittings to make the desired changes to the face. Most procedures focus on the nose, forehead, lips, cheeks, and lips. This is the reason why there is actually no standard technique that surgeons follow. In fact, every facial contouring procedure is customized in such a way to meet the needs of the person.

Combination of different surgical techniques 

It involves a unique combination of different surgical techniques to get the desired results. Some of the common procedures embraced are facial implants, mentoplasty, removal of fat, bone trimming, tissue and graft transfers, reduction malarplasty, and more.  Most incisions are done inside the mouth or between the cheek mucosa and gum. This helps the surgeon to get maximum access to most areas of the face. It helps the surgeon to hide scars that result from the procedure. 

The time is taken for the surgery generally varies from 2.5 to 6 hours or so. It actually depends upon the number of changes that need to be done on the face. The patient needs to be hospitalized for a contour facelift in Chicago, and this stay can be for a day to a couple of days. The surgeon keeps the patient in the hospital so that he/she can be closely monitored. If the surgeon uses non-absorbable stitches, the patient needs to return to get them removed after a fortnight or so. Complete recovery from the procedure takes place 3 to 12 months till the swelling is fully gone!