Marijuana is known for the versatile nature in the population. Not only nature, but it is also famous for the different names. Marijuana is well known by the different names and one of the most popular names is cannabis. Apart from, its versatile nature also makes it worth using. Most of the people use cannabis for medicinal purposes but it is also being used as the psychoactive drug. As cannabis is available the different forms but its main availability is herbal only. Whatever it is, different kinds of marijuana have different forms and hence have different potency levels.

Forms of cannabis:

As I already discussed, marijuana is available in the herbal form and you can easily find this in major three forms. Basically, these are hashish, kief and unprocessed cannabis. Let us know a bit more about the types of medical cannabis.

Hashish is basically another form of marijuana. Though, this form is not actively being used in the market or physicians also don’t prescribe it just like regular marijuana because this drug is highly potent as compared to regular marijuana. This is why; it is not regularly used by the population.


Basically, marijuana is available in the leaves form. But, if you want to use this version of marijuana, you should definitely shift to the powdered form. In this form, the medicine will be available in the powder form and you can easily take the powder as compared to the leaves. A huge number of people are using it either in the cake at the time of baking or by putting in the tea.

Unprocessed form:

It is basically the most popular form of marijuana. It is known as unprocessed because you will get the dried leaves only. It is also known as regular marijuana. A huge number of people are taking it as the psychoactive drug or for medicinal purposes. Different kinds of cannabis products are being made with the help of unprocessed marijuana or regular marijuana. People are using cannabis oils to treat various kinds of problems in a far better way than the other medicines available.