Have you ever experienced something vibrating in a specific part of your body? If suddenly, there is a vibrating sensation in your belly or close to your heart, it is the Chakra and not the part that’s causing the sensation. Sometimes, Chakras get activated even when they are not forced to. Even if you don’t meditate, some of the Chakras may activate and close all on their own, depending upon the physical exercises you do, the emotions you are experiencing and the spiritual journey you have left for.

But what are the different kinds of Chakras in your mind?

There are seven different Chakras in your body and each one of them has a specific purpose. Here is a list that’s going to make you understand Chakras in a much better way:

  1. The Root Chakra: This is the base Chakra, which falls between your genitals. The color of this Chakra is Red. When you focus on this Chakra, your do your best to activate the Kundalini Energy.
  2. The Sacral Chakra: This is the second Chakra, which falls in the lower abdomen section. The color of this Chakra is Orange. When you focus on this Chakra, you pray for a better relationship with all your loved ones.
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra: This is the third Chakra, which is above your belly button. Some people feel it right in the belly button as well. The color of this Chakra is Yellow. When you focus on this Chakra, you heal all the egos that trouble you in your life.
  4. The Heart Chakra: This is the fourth Chakra, which is next to your heart or in the middle of your chest. This is the center of your Chakras. The colors of this Chakra are Green and Rose. When you focus on this Chakra, you take a pledge to find your soul mate.
  5. The Throat Chakra: This is the fifth Chakra, which is at the base of your neck. The color of this Chakra is Blue. Singers must meditate on this Chakra.
  6. The Third Eye Chakra: This is the sixth Chakra, which is right between your brows. The color of this Chakra is Indigo. The more you meditate on this Chakra, the better psychic abilities you develop. For help you can get in touch with cheaponlinepsychicreading.com.
  7. The Crown Chakra: This is the seventh Chakra, which is at the top of your head. The color of this Chakra is Purple. This Chakra gives you the power for manifesting your desires.

The deeper you go into each one of your Chakras, the better your emotions are. You get a grip on your emotions when you meditate and get a control over your Chakras. They are also quite important for the manifestations you are preparing your mind and soul for.