Many people consider breast implants and fat transfer breast augmentation to be the same. Well, both are different. The fat transfer breast augmentation process includes two procedures termed as breast enhancement and liposuction. In this kind of procedure, fat cells from the areas having undesirable fat like thighs, hips, or stomach are harvested in breasts by augmenting them.

In simple words, fat transfer takes up an individual’s viable cells and injects them in the other body parts to increase their volume. Rasvansiirto rintoihin is considered to be better among the two techniques to enhance breast size. Let us explore more about this technique in the following section.

Top benefits of Fat Transfer

  • Fat transfer usually combines the process of breast implants as well. It offers double the advantage to patients who are looking forward to breast augmentation along with shedding unwanted fat cells from other areas too.
  • Recovery period of this process is far less than the breast implant.
  • Breasts enhanced through this process look fully natural.
  • Your breasts won’t be hardened.
  • There isn’t any risk of any allergic reactions or infections since the fat cells

Before fat transfer procedure

Before the fat transfer to breasts or butts, it is highly recommended to eat high carbohydrate diet for around 2 weeks and put on some weight before the procedure. The main reason behind this practice is that your body will be able to start storing fats and thus will create welcoming environment for fat graft. After all, the main purpose of fat transfer procedure is to increase volume of the fat in the treated area.

The optimal site for fat transfer is one in which skin is a bit loose to allow large volume of the fat transferred. For this reason, it is beneficial to perform the massages to breasts area. By doing it, it can break up the fibrous connective tissues that might be present. Proper massaging will help to loosen skin and connective tissues in area that can create more room for transferring the fat. Taking care of these things will greatly improve your chances of getting better results.

Few important considerations regarding fat transfer process

  • You should have fat stores to harvest the fat graft and transfer.
  • The increase in volume with the fat transfer to breasts or butts is around an average of 25-35% of increase in the size and volume.
  • Tighter skin might limit amount that the area will expand and may limit space in which the fats can be transferred.
  • Excessive pressure of breasts 2 weeks after the fat transfer will likely decrease amount of the fat that survives.

No matter whether you are going for fat transfer to breasts or buttocks, it is very crucial to find a reliable and reputable professional for it. Moreover, choosing the best clinic like The Health Clinic can really help you in increasing your chances to successful results.

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