Aging is inevitable, but this doesn’t mean we have to look old. Many women and even men these days are turning to facial fillers such as Aquamid to look their best. Aquamid is not just for a more youthful look; it can help with features that have bothered us our entire lives–thin lips, lack of a nose bridge, shallow cheeks, small chin, and lack of contoured facial features. Although Aquamid can be purchased online, the filler should only be injected by a trained medical professional. Here’s how getting a procedure done with Aquamid will work:

Before you have an Aquamid injection, your trained physician or doctor will take professional and detailed photographs of your face to determine where the fillers will be placed. This examination is critical and another reminder why if bought online, one should not inject Aquamid by his or herself. The improper injection can have serious side effects.

After facial mapping has been thoroughly detailed, the procedure itself is simple. The medical administrator will determine an injection site, and after sterilizing the skin’s surface, a small needle will be inserted at the site. A cold compress is often given to patients either before, during, or after Aquamid has been injected. In some cases, the gentle massaging of the face is needed to help place the inserted filler.

When the procedure is completed, patients may experience some swelling or bruising on or near the site of the injection. Some patients reported slight discoloration or numbness for a few days after the injection was received. Serious side effects, though rare, should be immediately reported to a doctor. Although patients can resume the majority of their usual activities after receiving Aquamid, it is asked that they refrain from strenuous physical activity such as swimming, biking, or running for at least 24-48 hours afterward.

Aquamid is has a low risk and low cost compared to other forms of plastic surgery, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a 2005 study followed up on 228 patients who had Aquamid injections after one year. An astounding 93% of patients reported satisfactory or very satisfactory. The patients also reported minimal side effects, other than initial swelling or bruising after the injection.

Aquamid is longer lasting facial filler, designed for a youthful, line-free look. With an Aquamid injection, you can finally have the facial features you’ve always wanted, at a fraction of the cost of other plastic surgeries. Get rid of worry lines, crow’s feet, and finally look the age you feel. Recovery time and side effects are minimal, and Aquamid can be used to correct a plethora of features on the face. For the face you’ve always wanted, consider getting an Aquamid treatment done today.