Surgeons, doctors, and researchers from the medical and material world keep on braking barriers in the plastic surgery universe. Breast implants, arguably, are among the most commonly chosen plastic surgery procedures among women. From Botox to stem cells, from textured silicone to injectable fillers like Macrolane – there are several new age breast augmentation procedure options for women who’re looking to be more confident and comfortable with their bodies. Here’s more.

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Botox Assisted Breast Augmentation

Botox assisted breast augmentation is on track to becoming mainstream. Injectable forms of Botulinum Toxin are now being used in breast augmentation surgeries across the globe. It’s contested that the cosmetic results are faster using this method, as compared to others. Also, surgeons tend to believe that the post-operative pain associated with breast implants can be reduced via this method. In this procedure, the muscle is elevated, Botox is injected in it, and then the implant is placed. Since the muscle is paralyzed by Botox, there’s little to no pain post the surgery, and the implant can settle into the desired position within 3-4 weeks.

The Gummy Bear Implants

Though oddly named, Gummy Bear implants are an important step ahead in the silicone gel based cohesive implants technology for breast augmentation. Think of it as an implant full of cohesive silicone gel, which would retain its shape faithfully if cut in half. Because the implant holds its shape better, it doesn’t wrinkle or ripple, and adds volume near the patient’s cleavage as well. Also, in case of a rupture in the implant, the gel won’t seep into the body, which would otherwise necessitate another surgery. It’s perfectly possible for you to check out different variants (differing in their stiffness) and handle them in person before making a choice.

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Weight Loss Assisted Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction

The times where breast augmentation was not an option for high BMI women are pretty much over now, thanks to advanced in procedures wherein the excessive abdominal tissue can be used in the breast reconstruction. Particularly for breast cancer survivors with high BMI, this can be a great option for having their breasts reconstructed medically, and losing their body fat in the process. Truly, the breast augmentation medical world is expanding its horizons.

Concluding Remarks

It’s breakthrough medical procedures like these that promise a better future to women who are facing body issues, or recovering from illnesses that take a toll on their bodies.