Having a massage chair can be among the most comfortable and relaxing things you can enjoy. Since there are different types of massage technologies available, you should consider what is best for your body. This guide provides you insight into the different kinds of massages that different chairs can offer. Once you know what massage function you prefer, it will become easier for you to choose the best chair.

Upper Body Massage Function

There are chairs designed specifically for providing upper body massage. As the name suggests, such chairs will provide relaxation to your shoulders, neck, and arms. But there are some upper body massage chairs that can also provide relaxation to the back. Most of these designs don’t recline and are usually cheaper than chairs with full-body massage function.

Full Body Massage Function

Full body massage function provides relaxation to different areas of your body including your feet. It will typically cover areas like shoulders, neck, back, feet, and back. Some designs can also provide massage to arms and hands. You can find chairs that allow you to make adjustments so that different kinds of massages can be experienced in a particular body area, such as shoulders.

Air Massage Function

The air massage function uses air bags in place of roller massage systems. The technology can also be found in roller chairs and stands out for softness. What makes these chairs different from others is that the air bags can massage body areas which are usually difficult to massage with the other technology. This includes hands, arms, legs, and feet.

These chairs can also integrate the roller system for providing massage to your back. Thus, some designs can provide full body massage using the combination of air bags and standard roller massage.

When it comes to massage function, heat therapy can also have a significant impact on relaxation and comfort. So you should also consider choosing a chair that has heat function. The therapy can relax sore muscles and joints and also help speed up circulation. Such chairs can integrate heating pads in the back and the cushion to alleviate pain, soreness, and tightness in the muscle. So when looking for the perfect massage chair, make sure to consider all the different functions. Genuine massage chair reviews from users and experts can provide you in-depth details to make the right choice.