Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent kinds of cancers that have started affecting the population globally. It is the exposure to UV rays that is the primarily culprit. MOHS surgery or Chemosurgery is the best and safest means to treat and possibly cure skin cancer. It has the maximum success rate as well. If you’re based in Canada, you must seek help from qualified surgeons from reputed clinics like UnionMD for a safe treatment.

MOHS Surgery Procedure

MOHS surgery focuses on precisely extricating all the cancerous layers of the skin while keeping the healthy layers unharmed.

Benefits Of MOHS Surgery

Despite there are a number of other ways to treat skin cancer like local excision, it is MOHS surgery that has started replacing the others. This is because of the considerable benefits it has that are listed below.

  • It removes cancer cells from deep within the skin instead of just removing the cancerous cells from the epidermal surface. This is the reason that MOHS has such high success rate.
  • It gives the doctors the flexibility to find out if all the cancer hit cells are pulled out during the operation itself. This saves the patients from the pain of further tests and more surgeries.
  • It can be effectively used for different types of skin cancers including the most common ones like squamous cells carcinoma and basal cells carcinoma.
  • It is the safest surgery for the cancer types that have a tendency to recur. Also, it is the safest means to treat skin cancer from delicate areas like face and genitals.

Risks Involved With the Surgery

Just like any other surgery, MOHS has its own risks that you must be aware of. The most common ones include the following.

  • Acute pain post surgery that might prolong for a few days. It can be handled with safe painkillers though.
  • Chances of an infection or bleeding post surgery. Infection is usually faded with suitable antibiotics.
  • Weakness and numbness post surgery that is temporary, and in very rare cases permanent.

Precautions That You Must Follow Before and After The Surgery

  • Inform your doctor about any kind of medication you’re currently on. On further advise, continue or discontinue the medicine as suggested by the doctor.
  • Do not rub the wound and let the area heal naturally.
  • Take consideration amount of rest in order to keep your stitches intact.

On a closing note, MOHS surgery on an average takes about 4-5 hours depending upon the dimension of affected area.