Men experience more issues with hair loss than women. Hormones in both male and females play an important role in regulating hair growth. When it comes to men, hair loss mainly occurs as a result of fluctuations in the levels of testosterone in the body. As we approach the 30s, the body tends to acquire a weird habit of converting testosterone (the hormone responsible for virility) into DHT.

DHT is a killer hormone.

Apart from destroying your sexual appetite, it completely wipes out your hair follicles leading to formation of conspicuous bald patches. The problem is that this process happens gradually and before you notice it, it’s usually too little too late.

Procerin is a product designed to specifically deal with this problem. It works by re-energizing your hair follicles and ensuring your current hair doesn’t fall victim to DHT. Let’s explore further.

How Exactly Does Procerin Work?


Procerin works by countering the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. This by itself brings the entire process of hair loss to an end.

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But that’s not enough to restore your hair.

So once again, Procerin works pretty hard to re-awaken dead hair follicles but supplying them with the right nutrients needed to perform optimally. This causes the hair to sprout – young, fresh and full of life, just like it was when you were rocking in your good old days.

DHT is harmful to hair follicles. Procerin also works by stopping hair follicles from being bound to DHT. This releases hair follicles to perform their natural function of hair growth stimulation. It also rejuvenates hair follicles. This natural product works by making the scalp healthy too.

A healthy scalp supports the growth of new hairs and maintenance of old hair. In addition, Procerin provides the scalp with nutrients for hair growth.

Procerin is made from all natural ingredients. It has no harsh chemicals; therefore, there are no known side-effects of using it. Other hair loss remedies cause various side effects including irregular heartbeat, sexual issues, unusual weight gain, and dizziness.

Procerin works without fighting the role of testosterone in the body. Other prescription drugs have sexual side effects. What’s more, this product is proven clinically by thousands of customers across the globe. Then, it is easy to use Procerin. It is applied twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bedtime.

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Best of all, Procerin is a risk-free purchase. The manufacturers of it offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 3 months of purchase. Therefore if you buy the product and feel it did not live up to your expectations, then you are free to claim for a refund.

Final Thoughts

There are many remedies for male hair loss. You can choose to go the conventional medicine way and opt for prescription drugs or plastic surgery – which are pretty expensive and barely effective.

On the other hand, you can choose to go all natural by using products such as Procerin that works according to your body’s natural needs. There are no side effects involved in this case and the alternative is quite affordable.