Bloating has to be one of the most irritable conditions that one can face. After having a heavy meal, often the abdominal area feels swelled up and heavy. This condition is actually termed as bloating. It is nothing but the unnatural swelling of the abdominal area due to gas formation in the stomach. This gastrointestinal problem creates pain in abdomen apart from sheer uneasiness. Now, there are several medicines available in the market which can help to get rid of the bloating problem easily. However, it is never wise to use them for a long duration. Prolonged usage of artificial medicines can cause permanent inflammation of stomach due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

So, what can be done to get rid of bloating? What other ways are there? Well, the best way to treat this problem is with the help of natural herbs and spices. The herbs like Korean Red Ginseng or Red Panax Ginseng helps the stomach to absorb the gas that is formed. As a result, it reduces the swelling of the abdomen and provides relief against this painful condition. However, it is not easy to choose the best herbs and spices that provide relief from bloating. But it is nothing to worry about since there is a list of ‘9 herbs and spices that provide relief from bloating’ below. Have a look:

  1. Ginseng:

Being one of the most popular herbs, Ginseng has been used by the people to treat several problems since the ancient times. Of course, the Korean Red Ginseng is highly renowned for treating the condition of bloating. The herb is a rich source of naturally found Saponin like Ginsenosides or Panaxosides. The Red Panax Ginseng stimulates the secretion of the digestive enzymes like pepsin which helps in better digestion and also stimulates the absorption of the gas formed in the stomach. As a result, Korean Red Ginseng reduces bloating and provides relief against the condition. Use the Red Panax Ginseng and get rid of this nasty condition without facing any ugly side effect.

  1. Ginger:

Ginger is a common spice that is used in every cuisine to impart a special taste. Nevertheless, it comes with a myriad of medicinal values. Ginger prevents the formation of gas in stomach and naturally stimulates secretion of digestive enzyme. It is also an anti-inflammatory substance which reduces the inflammation of stomach muscles. Thus, having a tablespoon of ginger before can really help in providing relief against the problem of bloating. Ginger tea can also be consumed as it also works exceptionally well on the bloating problem.

  1. Garlic:

Garlic is known to have several digestive properties. Yes, it is not just a spice that is used to add special flavour and taste in the food; but it also works very well in improving the digestive systems. Consuming garlic every day with meals or salads can help to detox the body. It kills the microbes that cause the stomach to bloat; thus prevents this painful problem from occurring.

  1. Anise:

Anise is an eminent carminative herb. What does that mean? It means that anise is the type of herb which expels the gas out of the stomach and reduces bloating. It also helps to improve the digestive system. Anise prevents cramping and eradicates the nauseating feeling. The anise seeds can be chewed or boiled in water to prepare a drink. Regardless the anise seeds are consumed; they provide effective relief against the bloating problem.

  1. Fennel Seeds:

The fennel seeds also contain carminative properties. That is why people consume fennel seeds after meals since the bygone era. Fennel seeds do not only come with a refreshing flavour and sweet taste but they also expel the gas out of the stomach efficiently. As a result, it helps to get rid of the problem of bloating. Fennel seeds are also very helpful in treating indigestion. Either the seeds can be chewed directly or a tea can be prepared using the fennel seeds to get relief from bloating. Irrespective of the way of consumption, it treats the bloating problem with utmost efficiency.

  1. Caraway Seeds:

The caraway seeds have long been used in the Indian meals, yet most of the people do not know that this spice helps greatly to reduce bloating and ensure proper digestion. It expels the gas out of the stomach and reduces stomach inflammation. Thus cures the problem of bloating. Add more of this spice to the meal to get rid of bloating problem.

  1. Turmeric:

Turmeric is an eminent spice that can be found in the kitchen of every Indian household. It is a highly renowned medicinal herb too. Turmeric is known to treat several conditions and bloating is obviously one of them. Turmeric is one of the most powerful naturally found anti-inflammatory substances. Furthermore, it contains a substance called Curcumin which stimulates the secretion of bile juice. As a result, turmeric helps in better digestion, reduces stomach inflammation, and expels gas from the stomach, thereby providing relief from bloating. Turmeric can be consumed with the meal; it can be eaten fresh or with a glass of hot milk. Nonetheless, it provides complete relief from the problem of bloating irrespective of the way it is consumed.

  1. Mint:

Mint leaves can be chewed or added in the tea to get rid of the bloating problem. It helps in better digestion and drives out the gas from the stomach. Mint relaxes the muscles naturally and helps the intestinal muscles to ease up. It also stimulates proper secretion of bile juice from gallbladder which helps in digestion of fats easily. As a result, consuming mint leaves after meals can really be helpful if someone is suffering from the painful condition of bloating.

  1. Dandelion:

Dandelion is a well-known herb that comes with several medicinal values. Of course, one of its major benefits is to ease the gas in the stomach. As a result, it provides effective relief from the problem of bloating. Consume it in the form of tea or as a spice added to the meals; either way it provides maximum relief from a bloated stomach.

Use Korean Red Ginseng or Anise, each and every spice that is listed above will provide effective relief from the condition of bloating. All of these herbs and spices are easily found and they come with no side effects. Just consume them in place of the heavily priced medicines to have a better and healthier life.