Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) problems are common in children. Unlike how adults are able to bear and communicate to their healthcare provider what exactly they’re feeling, children, unfortunately, struggle with it. Apart from ear wax removal in Singapore, tonsillectomy is also one of the reasons children visit an ENT.

Tonsillectomy starts from sore throat to popsicles, then ends up in a severe condition. Here are the seven signs that indicate your child needs tonsil removal in Singapore.

  1. Your child frequently suffers from nasal, mouth, or throat infections, especially tonsillitis, at least five to six times each year.
  1. Your child has trouble with breathing. If your child encounters the feeling of a plugged nose, consider getting a sinus treatment in Singaporeand have their throat checked too.
  1. Your child suffers from recurring infections, negatively affecting their performance in school and brain functionality.
  1. Your child has slowed and long snoring periods. If this happens, consult an ENT doctor immediately and get a snoring treatment in Singapore to prevent it from worsening or causing sleep apnea.
  1. If your child struggles with eating or swallowing, it may be a sign to seek a paediatric ENT doctor. In some cases, this ENT problem can worsen over time and develop into throat thyroid lumps in Singapore.
  1. Your child has a noticeable change in their mouth odour. If their breath starts to have a foul smell, even with regular toothbrushing, consider consulting an ENT as this could refer to a throat problem.
  1. Your child starts to cough with blood. Although rare, if this happens, it may indicate tonsil cancer and require tonsil removal in Singapore.

As a parent, you shouldn’t only watch out for these warning signs and their tonsils. There are other conditions they may develop over time, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, colds, or sleep apnea. If they suffer from this, be sure to get snoring or the available treatment in Singapore for the condition.

To learn more about ENT problems in children, you may talk to Dr Gan EngCern. Visit their website to schedule an appointment!