Senior individuals often refuse help from others because they wish to be independent and in control. This is why many seniors will refuse moving out of their homes and insists on living alone. But how do you know if your aging loved one now needs a senior living bedford nh?

Here are six signs that tell you your senior loved needs help.

Memory Loss

It is only natural when sometimes forget things. However, modest memory problem is different from extreme memory loss. The latter is the type that can be dangerous for your senior loved one. Some of the signs include confusion as to the time, place, and people they are with, getting lost in areas they are familiar with, failure to follow instructions and asking the same set of questions again and again.

Poor Personal Hygiene

Does it seem like they lack good hygiene? Do you often see them on the same outfit for days at a time? Does it look like there is a decline in how they keep their appearance? These are just some of the things that often indicate that they might need some help when it comes to hygiene.

Weight Loss

Does your senior loved one look like they lost a considerable amount of weight lately? Maybe it’s because they are not eating well, already lost their sense of smell or taste, is sick, or can no longer prepare healthy meals for themselves. If this is the case, they definitely need help to make sure they eat the right kind and amount of food to keep them fit and healthy.

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Extreme Mood swings, irritability or aggression

If you often find your senior loved one who is usually calm now often have extreme mood swings, irritability, or hostility, it could be a sign that they can have dementia. While they may not pose as a danger to themselves, the aggressive behavior can hurt those around your senior loved one. Take them for a doctor’s visit to rule out a diagnosis. Consider a type of senior care option that’ll best fit their needs.

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Unexplained Cuts, Bruises Scrapes or Injuries

If you ever find your aging loved ones sporting a new bruise, scrape, cut, or injury, it could mean they are no longer safe to be all alone in their home. Falls are among the number reason for injuries in senior. Prevention is the best way to do this. How can you prevent such accident from happening again in the future? By availing assisted living services offered by reliable senior caregivers Houston.

Unexplained Scratches or Dents on their car

If they are still driving and can’t explain why their car has new dents or scratches, this could mean they are no longer safe driving for themselves. There are lots of possible scenarios that can cause this. But for the safety of your loved one as well those other people on the road, it’s best to visit us, a senior care office location to get them the kind of help they need.