The struggles of a woman are never-ending. In this century, where women are getting more progressive in every field, they cannot escape their conventional duties. From raising children to take care of the entire family, a woman single-handedly manages most of it. Pressure buildup from work and home can lead to an imbalance in their mental wellbeing. Even though Singapore is a progressive country with so much scope, women feel the same there. More than men, women counselling in Singapore is very much needed. Here are some of the top 5 reasons for it.

Changes in Body

The advertisements that we see of beauty products in Singapore make a woman question her beauty. Makeup hides the odds in the models which the world appreciates. But it makes a woman suffer mentally and emotionally. Due to ageing, postpartum, or menopause, women tend to gain weight, develop sagging skin, etc. This often makes them feel insecure about their own body. Sometimes, the insecurity level becomes so high that they suffer from depression and even eating disorders. They cannot accept the normality and science in the process of ageing. This is one of the foremost reasons for women counselling in Singapore.

Marital Issues

No marriage is by destiny a perfect one, it takes the effort of both partners to make it perfect. Being a progressive country, technological dependence and shortage of leisure hours in Singapore create a distance between a couple. The bonding of love fades and one simple reason can lead to a bigger issue. Women in Singapore sometimes earn more than their partners. This leads to ego clashes between couples. Also, women often are subjects of abuse (verbal, or physical) which is toxic and immediate help is required in that case. Women counselling in Singapore, thus, is the need of the hour. 

Family Dependence

A family depends much more on a woman than a man. From feeding them to taking care of their needs, a woman single-handedly performs everything. But often they don’t get respect or face tantrums from the members, which leads to annoyance. Continuance of such ill-treatment can lead to anxiety disorder. Managing a home is a very difficult job and a woman should get respect for that.

Work Pressure

Working for a living has become common for both men and women. But for women, it can become hectic as in most cases they have to fulfil their responsibilities at home too. A lot of pressure at workplaces like meeting deadlines, overtime, office politics, etc. can lead to a breakdown. In some cases, there is discrimination regarding gender which leads to unequal wages. This gives rise to a sense of inferiority among women. Overcoming all these at once may seem difficult, but one at a time is possible. This is one of the main reasons for women counselling in Singapore. Visit A Kind Place to learn more about the impact of trauma on work and how trauma counselling can help.

Addiction Issues

Due to the above reasons, depression and anxiety have become common in women in Singapore. One may find it very difficult to cope up with such situations, leading to smoking and drinking, a form of escape pathway. But in some cases, they may get addicted to it badly. In such a scenario, without women counselling in Singapore, one may not be able to get out of it. 

These are the top 5 reasons that prove counselling as the need of the hour. Mental health is very much important for overall well-being. Since women have to face a lot at home and the workplace, they tend to become more prone to psychological imbalances. There are plenty of women counselling services available in Singapore where one may contact for therapy and treatment. It is very easy to make appointments and the doctors and counsellors maintain the confidentiality of their patients strictly. Proper therapy sessions can lead to accepting the changes in the body, tackle work and home more effectively, and minimize addiction.