Defining vape taste is not an easy job since taste is subjected to personal liking. Whilst some people enjoy citrus flavors, some others enjoy salty and caramel or coffee aromas. Considering the sheer diversity, you might feel lost or undermined. Well, if so, this guide brings forth an accurate blend of some of the best fillers that you must try to avoid disappointment. However, before skipping straight to the vape juice flavors, you must understand why some manufacturers are better than the others.

Producing vape juices that are tasty is just one side of the coin. Premium-quality manufacturing is another important aspect. Only a few labs like the PGVG Labs are trusted manufacturers. Such companies hire manufacturers with expertise. Moreover, they promote only non-contaminated manufacturing procedure to ensure that you are supplied with the best quality only. All their manufacturing labs are ISO certified and equipped with cross-contamination systems.

Having said that, some of the best products that you can lay your hands on are listed below.


It carriers the tempting strong taste Turkish sweetness amalgamated with the perfect blend of mild tobacco undertone. The best feature is that this solution does not contain nicotine. Thus, people wanted to quit nicotine will find 3BACCOS ANKARA flavor perfect to curb cravings.


This non-nicotine e-liquid carries a strong and rich taste of bubble gum. It’s quite tantalizing and can soothe the taste buds of almost everyone. Needless to say, it is one of the best all-time favorite flavors that everyone enjoys.  


This is a non-nicotine vape juice with a mild citrus flavor, carrying the rich taste of apples in every sip. Its tangy flavor has a twisting taste of artisan’s caramel as well.

  1. 50/50 – BLUE MELON

This non-nicotine solution is a perfect flavor for berry lovers. With a tempting blend of watermelon with blueberries, this vape juice is quite refreshing and one of the most popular products amongst vape lovers trying to quit tobacco with nicotine.

  1. 50/50 – CREAMY PEACH

This vape juice intoxicates the taste buds with a punch of peach with mild undertones of fresh cream. Precisely, it has a creamy taste of ice creams.

You can also buy the 50/50 Creamy vape in flavors like Mango, Citron Menthe, Menthol, Pure Leaf Tobacco, Mango-Peach, and much more

Having said that, just like other vape juices, this one is also devoid of nicotine.