If you don’t want to pay thousands for dental care later in your life, you should consider preventative dentistry for your oral health. By protecting your teeth and gums from potential problems, you could avoid dental diseases from compromising your health.

What Is Preventative Dentistry?

Everyday oral care and hygiene are the foundations of preventative dentistry. This implies that patients should practice the right oral procedures as well as schedule regular visits to their dentist.

Having gum disease and uneven teeth, and enduring painful root canal treatment, can be reason enough for people to feel shy, nervous and reluctant to visit a dentist. However, you can avoid these dental issues in the first place when you use the proper methods of preventative dental care and regularly phone or book a dentist online for appointments.

Here are other benefits you can get when you make preventative dentistry a part of your oral care routine.

1. You get to save money

When you ignore small dental issues and leave them untreated, chances are, they’ll turn into more serious (and possibly more painful) problems that will become more costly to treat down the line. For instance, a small cavity or crack in your tooth could eventually become a serious infection. This issue will later require more expensive dental treatments.

According to the American Dental Association, every dollar you spend on preventative dental care can save you eight to 50 dollars on emergency dental procedures.

During a complete oral exam, your dentist will determine any latent issues you may encounter. This allows the dentist to fix any oral problems you have while they’re still minor so you can avoid undergoing more expensive procedures later when they turn severe.

2. You train yourself to follow a balanced diet

Besides brushing your teeth, preventative dental care also encourages you to eat healthily. This means, you control sugar and carbohydrates consumption while promoting sufficient calcium intake.

Another positive measure is to take calcium supplements to help your jaw bones and teeth become stronger.

3. You receive high-quality treatment

Your dentist understands your unique oral health needs and preferences. This way, they can customize their services to meet your dental requirements. Moreover, it gives you the chance to have a more active role in your own oral care, as well as have more treatments to select.

Once your dentist identifies a potential dental problem, he can easily determine the treatment options. The sooner you find a dental issue, the more options you have for treatment. This then leads to the highest-quality, most personalized dental care for you.

4. You will need fewer dental visits

Receiving and practicing correct and consistent dental care can lead you to need fewer visits to your dentist. A serious teeth and gum issue may need regular check-ups and interventions, but observing good oral hygiene through preventative methods means that you don’t need as many oral cleanings and treatments from the dentist.

Most patients who maintain good dental hygiene only need biannual cleanings. With the right diet and oral care regimen, you can dictate the number of treatments you need. The better the condition of your teeth, the less you will need to see the dentist.

5. You help improve your overall health

The condition of your teeth is linked to your general physical health. As a matter of fact, poor oral health often indicates more serious health issues, such as declining immunity and heart disease. Dentists call this correlation the Oral Systemic Link.

Consistent oral care is the best way to prevent various diseases. With preventative dentistry, you don’t only care for your oral health, but for your overall well-being, too.

For example, dentists will encourage you to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. These vices are not only dangerous to your health, but also weaken your teeth. What’s worse, they can lead to teeth discoloration and may cause an individual to become susceptible to oral cancer.

Your teeth and gums allow you to wear your brightest smile. Taking care of your oral health is the only way you can ensure that you don’t lose your teeth early and that you get to keep your lovely smile longer.

What’s more, preventative dentistry is the best way to ensure that you maintain good and lasting oral and overall health. Plus, it helps you save your hard-earned cash, as well as enhance your quality of life. You should grab the opportunity to receive the benefits from this kind of targeted dental care.


Dr. Yvette Porter is the founding dentist at Apple Dental in Newstead, Brisbane, which she started over 11 years ago, and continues to own and practice there today. She works with a team of female dentists who aim to provide gentle, and affordable dental care to patients in Brisbane. Dr. Porter is a member of the Australian Dental Association and is passionate about family, and children’s dentistry, hoping to make their dental experience truly pleasant.