Families can expect a better quality of life in memory care facilities in Westminster CA. These facilities provide round the clock security and personal care for residents within their community. For seniors with memory loss, it is essential that you keep watching over them 24 hours a day. You don’t want your loved one wandering off or forgetting to turn off a specific electrical appliance after use. Assisting with daily activities such as bathing, eating, grooming and many more is a part of this community.

Modern memory care facilities in Westminster CA are now more developed and feature state of the art amenities compared to what was available several years ago. Here are some key advances in memory care today.

  1. Personalized Care vs. a one-size-fits-all approach

Today, modern memory care facilities in Westminster CA offer a more personalized service. Residents get their needs and preferences well catered for. This type of plan takes into account the individual’s typical lifestyle including grooming, bathing, and other activities. It also looks at their likes and dislikes. This way, residents get proper care and attention they deserve.

Memory care facilities that focus on the individual’s needs are more equipped to provide better care. This approach also allows the resident to make use of items including clothing, furniture, and other personal belongings in the best way possible.

  1. Smarter Approaches to Communication, Security, and Medication

Another key advancement in memory care facilities today is the latest method of communication. This includes the use of empathic validation, less intrusive security camera for round the clock supervision and personalized monitoring devices. Likewise, there are medications that can help limit the symptoms of dementia such as wandering.

  1. Residents Feel more at Home

There is no denying the fact that most residents and even family members have an unpleasant feeling the moment they step into a facility. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case as of today. Residents in memory care facilities in Westminster CA feel more at home. This is because the facility is designed with the residents in mind. Today, most residents can have their personal items fitted in their rooms. This, in turn, creates a comfortable area where residents, family members, and loved ones feel more at home.

Many memory care facilities in Westminster CA now offer both indoor and outdoor facilities aimed at creating comfort and convenience for residents. Many facilities have visual memory cues to assist residents to get around easily. Also, the paths and gardens are well marked for easy access.

A lot of facilities are also adding to their list of activities. Residents get more engaged and active. The primary aim of these activities is to help improve resident’s cognitive abilities. Back in the days, it’s difficult to come across activities that centers on residents cognitive abilities. Some of the activities on offer in memory care include cooking clubs, exercise classes and music programs.

If you decide to enroll your loved one in a memory care, then expect great value for your money as these facilities are now built to standard.