We should thank science for all the inventions done so far. There have been a lot of advancements in infertility treatments. IVF has made it possible for many women across the world to conceive and get pregnant. This is the most effective type of reproductive technology. This process mainly involves commitment, potential, and persistence. There are many things about IVF that you need to know. Read on to find out.

  • IVF is time consuming. The full course takes about four weeks to two months. This actually depends on how quickly the body responds to medications. During the time, there is a lot that has to be done. The first part of the process is to suppress natural menstrual cycle. Next is the ovarian simulation, which will be in the form of self-administered shots. Then, the eggs will be retrieved by the doctor. These eggs are immediately fertilized and left to grow for the next six days. Finally, one viable embryo will be chosen and implanted in the woman through a non-surgical procedure.
  • Gender selection of the baby can be done with an extra screening process. During IVF, you can choose an elective test, which is called Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). This analyses the chromosomes of each embryo, which also includes the sex chromosomes.
  • IVF is the most effective way for infertile couples to get pregnant. It is pricey depending upon insurance coverage. This is the best option for women who are not able to conceive. It has the highest success rate among many patients than the other infertility treatments. This also makes sure not to have twins or triplets, which is common with other fertility treatments like premature birth or low birth weight. In turn, IVF reduces the risk of genetic disorders, which also increases the chances of healthy pregnancy and baby.

The thought of starting the IVF journey may seem to be stressful and daunting, but the chances of success are also higher, which is why you must definitely give it a try if you are not able to conceive.