Brushing our teeth each day, flossing and keeping it healthy is a routine. Using the right toothpaste, eating calcium-laden food – makes us think that we know all that is there to teeth. But the fact remains that our teeth have so much more to them.

Since ages people have kept changing things of teeth health and yet not all, have known all the facts about teeth. The white pearls that contribute to making your smile dazzle might surprise you with their facts!

  1.    The most laborious structure of the body!

Teeth or the tooth enamel are known to be the hardest part of the body. They are supported with muscles, nerves and tissue that are connected in the form of a curve. It is surprising to understand that these hard, lifeless structures are the ones that pain unbearably with cavities. But the real reason behind it is the acid formed in the mouth. These mouth acids can melt the enamel and make way for the cavities to reach to the blood vessels and create pain. has a lot of enamel repairing coupons with best clinics around the world!

  1.    New-born can have teeth

Not a usual thing to find but it is possible. Statistics show that everyone child out of 2000 is born with their little teeth already grown. These are natal teeth which soon get replaced with the real ones. But the rare phenomenon does feel exciting, isn’t it?

  1.    Teeth are unique!

Just like the fingerprints your teeth are unique. If you have been following crime shows firmly, you shall find that people focus on the teeth of the dead people too while taking reports of their deaths. Well each one of us has a unique set of teeth with its unique shape, size and texture. It can as well be tracked as an ID for you!

  1.    The decrease of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth which are the last ones to appear when people grow up – is a thing that’s turning extinct. Already there has been a severe decrease in the past decades in the number of people experiencing the growth of wisdom teeth. Today only 35% of the people develop wisdom teeth. The rate is known to only decrease over the years.

  1.    Saliva that is enough to swim!

In a lifetime a person produces about 20000 to 25000 quarts of saliva in their mouth. This quantity is enough to fill up almost two swimming pools. Saliva is crucial for the mouth to turn the food soft and chew on them. It aids digestion and smooth flow of food into the stomach. It even helps in the protection of the teeth against decay.

  1.    Observing teeth day

A number of countries have dedicated special days for improving on the dental health. While in China it is the “Love for teeth day” other nations have it in the form of “Dental Health Day”. The message spread is to take the best care of the teeth and prevention against gums. There are coupons available with couponhub for special treatments on this day.

  1.    Teeth fall in the same order they came!

Babies experience two phases of teeth growth. One is the birth teeth which are soon washed away by the time they are 5-7 years old. Then another set grows that stays for a lifetime. The fun part is that the baby teeth fall off in precisely the same order as they came in. The frontal teeth are the first ones to appear and the first ones to break too.

  1.    Your tooth health shows in your smile

Unlike other diseases, the teeth health is reflected with just a view. If you have not been taking good care of your teeth – you shall be able to notice it clear. The yellowish tinge, bad breath, cavities, toothache henderson nc, or swollen gums – everything reflects your tooth health at all times.

  1.    Primitive

Your teeth are more planned and primitive than you. There are exactly 32 teeth that are divided in the form of four canines, eight incisors, eight premolars and twelve molars. They all grow in a definite order.

  1.    Bacteria

There is a constant bacterial growth happening on your teeth. These are found in the form of white sticky substances formed on the teeth. With time they start turning yellow and darker. These substances hold about 200-300 different varieties of bacteria that can be harmful to health. Cleaning the teeth twice a day is recommended for this very reason!

The most significant fact about teeth is that they are essential not just for flashing a pleasant smile but for taking care of your health. Brush, floss and stay away from cavity!